Are you ready to turn your passion for horses and healing into a highly rewarding career?

Equine Reiki practise is an inspirational and rewarding career path, offering ongoing opportunities for you to develop personally and spiritually while supporting the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health of your equine and human clients.

You’ll discover your unique gifts and innate talents as you find your niche in this emerging field.

We offer professional practitioner training backed up by many years of experience. Centred on traditional Japanese Reiki training, our courses will empower you with practical understanding and skills that will enable you to bring profound changes in the lives of people and horses.

Our fully accredited courses are suitable for you if you are already an equine body worker, holistic vet, health and wellness professional, counselor, coach, or you have a desire to develop a career that supports the health and wellbeing of horses and humans through energy healing.


At Four Winds Reiki we offer you:


  • Quality Training

    Our courses are taught by an experienced facilitator in small group settings
    to ensure quality interaction.


  • Face to Face Training

    Our courses are taught in person and fully comply with the guidelines set by the Association of
    Australian Reiki Professionals for Reiki courses.


  • Post Course Study

    You’ll have an opportunity to gain experience and confidence working with Reiki
    as you complete post course study that forms part of our courses.


  • Post Course Support

    You’ll receive unlimited and ongoing support during your training and beyond,
    as needed.

Awakening the Spirit

Becoming a professional Equine Reiki practitioner takes time and patience. I believe that before you can learn to heal others, first you must learn to heal yourself, therefore the focus of our teaching is on self-healing and personal development first and foremost. Your path to professional practise will unfold in its own unique time as you embark on a personal journey of self-awareness and an awakening of the spirit.

Because awakening comes in stages, each stage must be completed before moving on to the next stage to enable your progress and understanding to unfold naturally as a result of experiential learning and personal transformation. One cannot understand an energetic practise without personal development. Without a direct experience of an energetic system only a rational, and therefore limited understanding is gained.


The First Step

The path to becoming a professional practitioner begins by attending Shoden & Equine Reiki: Foundation Training, a four day intensive where fundamental techniques, meditations and tools are taught. You will be required to practise these techniques and meditations over a minimum period of three months, and successfully complete post course study and a number of case studies before moving on to the next stage. This is to allow you enough time to practise Reiki and to gain experience as you become accustomed to working with the energy.


The Next Step

The next stage continues with Okuden & Equine Reiki: Advanced Techniques, a four day intensive that teaches advanced techniques to help you delve deeper into the practise of Reiki. This is where you will learn tools to develop a professional practise.

Following completion of the four day course you will be required to practise for at least six months, during which time post course study, including case studies, is to be completed successfully before being eligible to commence professional practise. The post course study offers you an opportunity to gain valuable experience, understanding and confidence, and the ability to overcome any obstacles before commencing professional practise.


Building your practise on solid foundations

As you progress through our training you will learn skills that you can build upon through your own practise before moving onto the next stage. This enables you to learn from your own experiences working with Reiki over a period of time, rather than fast tracking your learning. As a result, you’ll gain a fuller understanding of working with Reiki, and you’ll be a much more effective practitioner, achieving more successful outcomes with your human and equine clients. Building a strong foundation based on your personal practise is critical to your success as an Equine Reiki Practitioner.