I invite Reiki practitioners from all lineages to come together in a peaceful, loving environment to share in a weekend Reiki Retreat that will enable you to stimulate, refresh or deepen your Reiki practise.


Take some time out of your busy life to reconnect with your inner self and nature, surrounded by the tranquillity and spectacular beauty of the Blue Mountains. Much more than just a relaxing weekend away, this retreat offers an opportunity for you to delve deeper into your Reiki or meditation practise with likeminded individuals who share your love of Reiki.


August is the perfect time of year to visit the majestic Blue Mountains, with spring just around the corner you’ll enjoy warm sunny days and crisp starry nights in the magical serenity of the Australian bush as you allow yourself to be guided through a gentle program of healing, chanting and meditation designed to illuminate and inspire. Meeting like-minded people and taking the time out to focus on yourself during the retreat will bring inspiration and clarity into your life. You’ll leave the retreat feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to move forward in your practise with clarity and confidence.


The focus of the retreat will be on traditional Japanese Reiki, starting each day with a morning meditation during which I will perform a Reiju for everybody. Reiju is a spiritual blessing that dates back to the early teachings of Usui Mikao.


We will practise techniques such as Hatsurei Ho, Joshin Kokyo Ho, hands on healing, group healing and chanting. Each day follows a scheduled program but is open to personal preference.


The retreat is perfect for Reiki practitioners from all lineages who would like to deepen their Reiki or meditation practise in a relaxed environment, supported by likeminded individuals.

Retreat Details