Shoden and Equine Reiki: Foundation Training

is a four-day course that offers a practical approach to understanding the system of Reiki and its benefits for you and your horse. It provides the foundation for your Reiki training and your healing journey with horses.

During the course, you’ll learn how to utilise Reiki as healing support for a wide range of health conditions and behavioural issues in both human beings and horses. You’ll learn how to use your Reiki practice to reduce the effects of stress and stress-related conditions, ease pain, calm fear, and promote deep relaxation—and much more. This Foundation course also teaches you how to use Reiki energy to deepen your relationship with your horse, build trust, and enhance your spiritual connection with your equine friend.

This course is perfect for you if you want

  • to heal yourself, your horse, and your loved ones, naturally
  • to improve your confidence around horses
  • to create a deeper, more spiritual connection with your horse.
  • to discover your true potential and a life filled with passion and joy.

During our time together, you will

  • reconnect with your inner self and the natural world through the practice of Reiki
  • deepen your relationship with your horse, creating harmony and balance through mutual healing, meditation, and spiritual connection
  • learn how to support your horse physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • gain insight into the nature of your horse and delve more deeply into the mysteries of life
  • tune into the needs of your horse and learn to ‘listen’ to what he or she has to say
  • tap into the power of peace and compassion, enhance your self-awareness, and improve your communication
  • practise the sacred art of ‘being’ for inner peace, balance, and harmony.


By the end of this Foundation course, you will have the tools to develop a daily practice of self-healing and meditation that will help you initiate positive changes in your life and attain inner peace.

Your investment includes

  • A four-day workshop in a small group setting, facilitated by master Reiki teacher Julie Abrahams
  • Instruction, discussion, and group learning
  • Practical application of techniques, and working one-on-one with horses in individual, hands-on sessions
  • Detailed course manuals are provided as a valuable take-away.
  • Post Course Study (for details please Click here
  • Access to the 21 Day Online Reiki Program
  • Ongoing support, as needed

Upon successful completion of this Foundation course, you will receive your Shoden (Reiki Level 1) certificate and Equine Reiki: Foundation Training Certificate, which is essential both for membership in professional organisations and, for those wishing to develop a professional practice, for insurance purposes. Additionally, after this four-day Foundation session, you will be qualified to continue your Reiki training and progress to Okuden and Equine Reiki: Advanced Techniques and Shinpiden and Equine Reiki: Teacher Training courses, should you desire.  

Course Details

The course runs over four consecutive days, starting at 9:00 a.m. each day and finishing at approximately 4:30 p.m. Classes are taught in small groups to ensure quality, one-on-one interaction with the instructor, fellow students, and horses. Early registration is advised.

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Course Fees

  • Cost: $1,295 includes extensive course manual, a Shoden (Reiki Level 1) Certificate and an Equine Reiki: Foundation Techniques Certificate
  • Payment Plan: you may opt to pay your registration fee in full or make four payments of $325 each. Final payment is due two weeks before course commences
  • Registration: closes two weeks before course commences (unless course fills sooner)
  • Re-sit fees: Cost to re-sit the full Foundation course is $200. (This is a reduced payment for students of Four Winds Reiki only. If you have already taken Shoden & Equine Reiki: Foundation Training with Four Winds Reiki, you need only pay this minimal fee to re-sit).

Would you like to host an Equine Reiki course at your property?

Please call me on 0404 470 571 to discuss further, or email me at and we can take it from there.