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Awaken your inner horse whisperer

Have you ever wondered what would it feel like to have that deep connection with your horse? Have you ever wished that you could understand what your horse is thinking and feeling?

What if you could tune into the needs of your horse? What if you could help a suffering horse heal? What if you could learn to ‘listen’ and to really ‘hear’ what your horse has to say? What if you could learn to communicate and connect with your animal friend and create a true partnership with them?

The answer to all these questions is, you can!

You already have everything you need to create harmony and balance in your relationship with your horse. You already have the ability to support your horse fully on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It’s true—you are already a horse whisperer—you simply need to learn to open up to your inner wisdom, connect with your horse energetically, and listen in a deeper, more subtle way. You already have everything you need to help your horse—and your relationship with them—to heal.

How? It all starts with you.

In Four Winds Reiki courses, Reiki teacher Julie Abrahams teaches you how to tap into your deeper awareness, and how to connect with and trust your intuition, so that you can move from feeling challenged about your relationship with your horses to feeling empowered and connected with them.
Julie has combined her deep love for horses with her many years as a Reiki practitioner to create a unique range of courses and retreats designed for women who want to learn how to heal themselves and the horses in their lives, and for those who want to connect spiritually with their equine friends, to build trust with them, and to understand them on a deep level—spiritually, physically, and energetically.

Julie believes that in order to heal others, first you must learn to heal yourself, therefore, the focus of her courses is on personal development first and foremost.

When you are in balance, feeling good and functioning better, you radiate a calm confidence that flows through to your horse. When you feel more relaxed, balanced and focused, your horse will too. You’ll improve your relationship with your horse on every level by learning how to let go of anger, worry and stress, how to quiet the mind and expand your intuitive awareness.

Through the practice of Reiki you’ll awaken your spirit as you reconnect with your inner self and the natural world. You’ll expand your vision of what is possible both with your horse and in your own life, as you gain insight into the nature of the horse and the mysteries of life. You’ll learn how to change your relationship and improve your communication through self-awareness and by tapping into the power of peace and compassion.

Most of all, you’ll learn how to connect with horse in the quiet space of Reiki, where you can experience mutual healing, open to the wisdom of the horse, and receive profound lessons that you can apply to your daily life.

Horses are masters of energy, when you connect with them in the quiet space of Reiki they can teach you how to develop your understanding of Reiki, and how to connect more deeply with all of nature by showing you how to work with Reiki. By opening up to the wisdom of the horse, you can discover new ways of being, how to bring more joy, more peace, more balance into your life.

Through the practice of Reiki you’ll embark on a healing journey with horses that will bring profound and lasting changes to your life and to your horse’s life too.

Are you ready to begin your healing journey with horses?

My Gift for You...

Discover how to achieve a better relationship with your horse...

In my free e-guide, How to Develop a Deeper, More Spiritual Connection With Your Horse, I share three keys that I believe will help you achieve a better relationship with your horse.  These three areas will help you:

  • Develop clearer communication by understanding how horses perceive energy.
  • Achieve better responses from your horse by learning how to ground and focus.
  • Connect more deeply with your horse with just a simple tweak in mindset

I also share a simple technique that you can start using today with your horse to help you achieve positive, noticeable results when you practice it regularly with your horse.

Feel free to download the e-version of my guide to find out how, and start enjoying a better relationship with your horse today!