Horses have a unique ability to pick up on, and even mirror, the emotional energies of humans. This goes far beyond simple intuition; horses have an innate sense that allows them to react differently when people are happy, calm, angry or sad. This combination of sensitivity and deeper understanding has been studied by many and they’ve come to understand just how special this bond between horse and human can be. It is no wonder that spending time around horses can help humans work through their own emotions or simply find a moment of peace. Horses are highly sensitive creatures that require our respect and compassion so they can share their happiness with us in return.

Calming the Soul

Horses have the incredible ability to perceive and reflect the emotional energy of humans, making them extremely sensitive companions. This is a trait that has long been celebrated among horse owners and riders, as it allows for a unique connection between the horse and its human companion. In addition to providing companionship and allowing us to learn more about our own emotional states, horses can also provide us with spiritual healing. While communing with horses we can access profound moments of peace, relaxation, and solace that can help to clear away psychological blockages in both ourselves and our horses. Their sensitivity offers an opportunity for deep self-reflection and growth.

Engaging in a Bond

Engaging in a bond with a horse requires more than physical training and grooming, it calls for an understanding of the mental energy that humans and horses share. Horses are very sensitive to their surroundings and can easily recognize if the energy they’re exposed to is authentic or not. As such, being present in our emotions, whether we are feeling joy, sadness, frustration or even anger, is necessary when connecting with these incredible animals. This allows us to better understand each other’s needs and be respectful of them. It also creates an environment where trust and companionship can blossom. Everyone involved can then deeply appreciate this unique bond and revel in their connection with a powerful animal that has been by our side since ancient times.

Offering Genuine Emotion

Horses have a special intuition that allows them to sense the emotional energy emanating from us, and it is both rewarding and essential for those seeking to build a stronger bond with their horse to show up at the stable present and authentic. When we step into our true emotions, horses mirror  that energy back, bringing greater harmony between ourselves and our equine soulmates. To forge a connection filled with unity and understanding, we must be mindful of how we project our feelings, dwelling in moments of relaxation or joy with an open heart always offering genuine emotion. This communication will result in a bond which is both strong and fulfilling as it deeply connects us to the spirit of these majestic animals.


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