What I find interesting is how many people enrol in our Equine Reiki Level 1 course because they want to learn how to help horses heal from illness, injury or past trauma or abuse, or because they want to learn how to develop a deeper bond with their horse, and subsequently come away with more life-changing benefits for their own life than they could imagine or even consider a possibility from such a course.

Less anger, less worry, more confidence to speak up and set clear boundaries with others, more loving, courage to let go of the past, more patience, less attachment to things and outcomes, increased energy and motivation, better sleep, new career direction, clarity around purpose, and better relationships with others. These are just some of the shifts that people have reported from their experience.

Personal development and spiritual awakening is not usually top of mind for most people who come to learn how to heal and connect more deeply with horses. Nor is meditation, being grounded or practicing mindfulness. So it may come as a surprise when we begin our Equine Reiki Level 1 course with a discussion on how healing our own lives relates to helping our equine friends heal, and help us achieve a better relationship with our horses.

How does practicing mindfulness, grounding and meditation relate to healing and connecting with horses?

Horses are masters of energy, their ability to read and interpret energy far exceed ours – it’s the way they communicate. As prey animals, their very survival depends on their ability to read energy. They don’t need to learn how to read energy as we do, they are already completely tuned into the language of energy. They carry this skill in the very essence of their beings. Horses read our energy, our body language, and our eyes. Every thought we have, however fleeting, is reflected in our eyes; and horses read our eyes. We may not be able to understand what their eye says, but they certainly understand ours.

Our thoughts, words, and intentions each carry a vibrational energy which can affect horses in a negative or positive way according to how we are feeling at that time. Horses receive communication from us energetically, so how we are feeling will have an influence on our energy and the way in which our horse interprets it. If we are angry, stressed, or negative, our energy will be disturbed; we will not be comfortable to be around, and our horse may not feel so willing to work with us – or even be around us. On the other hand, if our energy is calm, grounded, relaxed, and peaceful, our horse will be more willing to connect with us.

How can Reiki help us connect more deeply with our horse?

Reiki is a highly meditative practice that promotes a sense of calm and well being and can help to restore balance and harmony within. When we become practitioners of Reiki we learn to let go of anger, worry and fear, and to become more compassionate to ourselves and others. When we are feeling positive and relaxed we make ourselves far more approachable and comfortable for our horse to be around.

When it comes to healing and connecting with horses in the Reiki space, building a strong energetic foundation is the key to the most successful outcomes.

The way to building a strong energetic foundation is through a daily personal Reiki practice which includes working with the Reiki precepts, daily meditation and self – treatment.

Why is building a strong energetic foundation important?

When we have a strong energetic foundation, our energy is calm and grounded, our mind is quiet, and we are more likely to respond mindfully to situations rather than react impulsively. In this calm, grounded state, horses are more likely to connect with us.

Let’s take a step back…

The system of Reiki is more than just a technique for hands on healing of others. It was first developed as a method of spiritual development by its founder Usui Mikao, in the late 1800’s. The system utilizes precepts, meditations, healing treatments, symbols, mantras, and rituals to access Reiki energy to heal physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease. The most important reason to learn Reiki is to work on yourself.

Usui Mikao believed that before you can help others heal, first you need to know how to heal yourself. Our Equine Reiki Level One course teaches the basics of healing yourself and others, as well as how to utilise your Reiki practice to help horses, starting with a daily personal Reiki practice which is; working with the Reiki precepts, daily meditation and self – treatment.

The Reiki precepts lie at the heart of the system of Reiki:

Today only
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be true to your way and your being
Show compassion to yourself and others

The essence of Reiki is love and compassion. The Reiki precepts teach us that the more we let go of anger and worry, the more we can be true to ourselves, and the more we can be true to ourselves, the more loving and compassionate we can be, to ourselves and others.

The more you practice and work with the system of Reiki, the more you are able to tap into your inner wisdom, the deeper your understanding of the mysteries of life, and the more you are able to understand the concept of letting go.

Correct State of Mind

Our personal practice is really the true foundation of our work with horses, the precepts being the most important element of Usui’s teachings for us to consider. The precepts provide a core foundation to build upon. The other elements – the meditations, hands on healing, symbols & mantras, serve as tools to help us to be in the ‘Correct State of Mind’.

The Correct State of Mind is the outcome of building a strong energetic foundation.

What is Correct State of Mind?

The more we let go of anger and worry, the more we can start to feel true to our way and our being which in turn helps us to become more compassionate.

When we are in a state of compassion, there is no anger, no worry, no ego, and no judgement. Our energy becomes stable, our mind is calm and we radiate a state of peacefulness. This is the ‘Correct State of Mind’. When we are in this calm, grounded state, horses are more open to connecting with us and sharing the healing space with us.

So you see, our Equine Reiki courses are so much more than simply learning a technique to help horses heal. They will take you on a sacred journey of mutual healing with horses that will change the way you connect with horses forever. It may even awaken your inner horse whisperer!

If you’d like to know more about our Equine Reiki courses and how they can benefit you and your horse feel free to book an obligation free chat with me by clicking this link or send me an email so I can answer all your questions.

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Julie Abrahams is a spiritual guidance coach, Reiki teacher, holistic horsewoman and founder of Four Winds Reiki. She is passionate about helping women flourish in life and business. Through her unique range of courses and retreats, including her signature program Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart ™ Julie helps women create a happier, healthier life that they love, in harmony with horses.