Four Winds Horses


A gentle giant standing 17.2, Mani is a calm and peaceful soul who radiates loving energy that you can’t help being drawn to. Simply being near him makes one feel calm and grounded. Mani has beautiful Elder energy, he’s ‘other-worldly’. A true leader who quietly maintains peace and harmony in the herd, Mani gently holds space for those who feel drawn to share the healing space with him.

Mani and Barb connecting


Quiet, gentle and sensitive, Joey also has a calmness about him that allows people to feel safe and confident. A kind and willing soul whose happy place is in deep meditation, beautiful Joey never hesitates to share healing and heart connection with others, be they humans or horses.


Soft, sensitive and gentle as a lamb, Twyla is the youngest and our only girl in the herd. Twyla has an endearingly curious and trusting nature, and loves sharing Reiki. She and big brother Shilo are a beautiful addition to our herd.



Calm, gentle and serene, just like his little sister, Twyla. Although a shy boy at heart, Shilo has a sensitive yet trusting nature. He reminds me of a general, quietly watching over his troops, making sure all is well, and nothing amiss. 

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