Julie Abrahams

Transformation Coach, Holistic Horsewoman

Hi, I’m Julie Abrahams, my vision is to provide women who are seeking a path of healing and heart connection with horses with the education, love and support they need to be able to manifest a happy, healthy, holistic life that they love – with horses, so they can thrive and flourish in all aspects of their lives.

I believe that by beginning a journey of self-care through taking care of our horses in an intuitive, mindful, and balanced way, we can create healthier, happier lives that are enriched by our beloved animals. My unique courses help you tap into your spiritual connection to horses while also teaching life skills to support positive health and wellbeing for both you and your horse via traditional Reiki training, mindfulness and connecting with nature.

I live with my horses at ‘Mirrambeena’, a one hundred acre, tranquil oasis that promotes peace, serenity and connection to nature. Nestled amongst rolling pastures and majestic mountains in the scenic Wallanbah Valley, Mirrambeena offers the perfect environment to experience tranquility while learning tools that will bring you closer than ever to your beloved horses. 

Julie Abrahams
Julie Abrahams

Finding Purpose and Meaning from Adversity

I am intimately familiar with domestic violence. I know what it’s like to live with deep shame, and now see the destructive ways I allowed shame to direct my life and define who I was.  As a young wife and mother of twins in my early twenties I experienced extreme and ongoing domestic violence. It was a traumatic event that changed the course of my life and that of my family’s. Until recent times, there has been a stigma attached to being a victim of domestic violence.

After escaping the violence, my life became filled with a myriad of ‘interesting’ life experiences and personal challenges, including the loss of four close female members of my family through violence. At the time, there was little support for women who had experienced domestic violence or trauma of any kind. For a long time, I was unaware of the range of strategies I had adopted to cope with the trauma of domestic violence. I was broken, yet I had no idea how to heal, or how to live in a world that I no longer trusted or felt safe in. The violence was over but the nightmares, flashbacks and fear persisted. One of my coping strategies was a disconnection from people.

Reflecting on my journey, I did not know that domestic violence would turn out a catalyst in my life that would lead me on a quest to find meaning and purpose. My journey eventually led me to Reiki.


My Journey with Reiki

I began Reiki training in 1996 with my first Reiki teacher, Medicine Crow, a Native American who infuses his teachings with beautiful Native American philosophies and urban shamanism. In more recent years, I studied with Frans Stiene, co founder of the International House of Reiki, who teaches the spiritual Japanese origins of the system of Reiki. Both teachers have played an integral part in my journey and have inspired me to awaken and follow my dreams.

Reiki changed my life. As a spiritual practice it offered me hope and healing. Through practicing Reiki, I discovered a courage and strength within me that I never knew existed. I began to see the world from a different perspective. I began to share Reiki with others, many of whom also experienced major life shifts. Those facing health challenges improved; others let go of deep emotional pain; still others experienced profound changes on mental and spiritual levels.

Cultivating Calm Confidence and Inner Peace

By helping others to heal, my own life improved. I felt grounded, at peace, confident, focused, and for the first time, a sense of joy and vitality. Most importantly, I felt inspired. Practicing Reiki helped me to realise my life’s purpose, and become the person I needed to become to fulfil my destiny.

Although I have studied several other natural healing modalities over the past 30 years, I felt called to work with Reiki. It has the ability to heal the mind, body and spirit, and empowers the recipient to be in control of their own healing journey. Through Reiki, I have helped hundreds of women discover their inner strength. I’ve shared with trauma survivors techniques that can help cultivate feelings of inner peace and harmony; practices that can help them to feel happy, motivated, and connected to life. Reiki has helped these women not only to heal from trauma, but to thrive and flourish.

Practicing Reiki helped me develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself and others, I become clear about what I want and how to attain it.

Getting Back into Harmony With the Natural World

Sharing Reiki with other women opened me up to a new awareness of what it means to live in harmony with one another and with the natural world. But it was when I began to share Reiki with my animals, in particular with my horses, that I began to develop a much deeper understanding of the magic of Reiki. As I shared Reiki with them, my horses in turn became my spiritual teachers.

The more Reiki I shared with the horses, the more deeply I was able to tap into their wisdom and tune into my own. I realized that horses have so much to teach us humans about new ways of being, and about new ways of bringing joy, peace, and balance into our lives. I now believe that horses come into our lives to guide us and to help us heal. Tuning into their extraordinary healing capacity while reawakening my own was a life-changing experience that helped me deepen my understanding of myself, of others — and of life.

My horses are my muses, they are the inspiration behind my passion to share what I have learned about making the journey from healing, to horse whispering to finding my way home.

I believe that horses can take us on a spiritual journey, deep into the realms of healing, awareness, and soul growth. As we learn from the wisdom of our horses, we can develop our intuitive senses and heal our lives.

My Mission is to Guide you Home…

Horses have the capacity to help humans heal. And when we connect with them in the meditative realm of Reiki, they can teach us how to connect deeply with all of nature, to trust our soul’s wisdom, and to tap into our innate ability to heal ourselves and help others. Reiki helps us reawaken our memory of our interconnectedness with all beings, and expand our insight and awareness, and we begin, in turn, to help our horses heal.

That is the magic of Reiki.

One of my greatest pleasures in life is connecting with and helping like-minded individuals to heal their lives by reconnecting to the truth of who they are. I feel so blessed to be able to do this work.

It will be my honour and my privilege to take you on a uniquely personal, transformational healing journey with horses; a journey to reawaken your spirit, to realize the oneness of all things, and to help you remember that you already have an innate ability to heal yourself, and help your horses, the animals around you, your loved ones, and our beloved planet.

My Gift for You...

Discover how to achieve a better relationship with your horse...

In my free e-guide, How to Develop a Deeper, More Spiritual Connection With Your Horse, I share three keys that I believe will help you achieve a better relationship with your horse.  These three areas will help you:

  • Develop clearer communication by understanding how horses perceive energy.
  • Achieve better responses from your horse by learning how to ground and focus.
  • Connect more deeply with your horse with just a simple tweak in mindset

I also share a simple technique that you can start using today with your horse to help you achieve positive, noticeable results when you practice it regularly with your horse.

Feel free to download the e-version of my guide to find out how, and start enjoying a better relationship with your horse today!