About Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle healing technique that offers many benefits for health and wellness. Developed in Japan in the nineteenth century, Reiki has evolved and has been embraced in the western world as an effective system of energetic healing for a variety of health problems. While in the past Reiki was most commonly used as a complementary therapy in conjunction with other conventional therapeutic practices for people, it is now used as a primary holistic healing modality – both for people and for their beloved animals.

An Ancient Method for Modern Times

The word Reiki translates literally from Japanese as “spiritual energy,” and refers to the vital life force present in all living things. The system of Reiki was created by Mikao Usui in the late nineteenth century in Japan as a method of spiritual development. The system utilizes precepts, meditations, healing treatments, symbols, mantras, and rituals to access Reiki energy to heal physical, mental, and emotional dis-ease.

The basic premise of Usui’s system of Reiki was that healing comes from within each individual, not from external sources—and the essence of his teaching was that Reiki be used for self-practice. Thus, there are two ways to experience Reiki: You may become “attuned” to Reiki so that you can work on yourself and others, or you may receive treatments from a qualified Reiki practitioner.

The Benefits of Reiki

There are countless benefits of Reiki treatments. The regular practice of Reiki, which includes the giving and receiving of regular Reiki treatments, has been found to support spiritual growth and healing. The greatest and most immediate overall health benefit of Reiki is that it assists the body to release stress and tension, enabling healing to occur. Most people experience a feeling of deep relaxation and a sense of peacefulness immediately after a Reiki treatment—which can last up to several days.

Other benefits of Reiki are specific to each person. After receiving a treatment, an individual may experience any number of the following effects, on an emotional, spiritual, or physical level: an increased sense of well-being, calm, mental clarity, reduced stress, joy, relief of pain, increased energy and vitality, and feeling more balanced and centered.

Reiki provides animals with these same healing benefits, making it an effective method of caring for your beloved animal’s physical injuries and emotional issues—and virtually any problem your animal might experience.

The Three Levels of Reiki

Traditionally, Mikao Usui’s system of Reiki, called Usui Reiki Ryoho, is taught in three levels, beginning with Shoden (Reiki Level 1), a Japanese word meaning ‘first teaching’. Shoden teaches students how to practice healing the self and the basics of helping others. At this beginning level, the student is heading out on the path to self-discovery.

The next level of Usui Reiki Ryoho is called Okuden (Reiki Level 2). Okuden is a Japanese word meaning ‘inner teachings’. As the word implies, a deeper understanding of the Reiki system and of one’s personal connection to Usui Mikao’s teachings can be achieved at this level. Students learn techniques to increase the flow of Reiki energy, allowing for more intense healing of the self and others. Okuden also provides students with the tools to develop a professional Reiki practice.

The final level of Usui Reiki Ryoho is called Shinpiden (Reiki Level 3), a Japanese word meaning ‘mystery teachings’. This level is aimed at Level 2 practitioners who wish to commit deeply to a personal, life-long Reiki journey. Shinpiden is not just about teaching, however, and is suitable for those who wish to continue to develop their personal Reiki practice and to teach those around them occasionally as well.

Reiki for Horses and Humans

Reiki is a wonderful way for humans to gain a deeper connection with and understanding of horses. Using Reiki, you can develop a new way to communicate with your horse by learning to tap into how they feel and to understand how they think. This new method of communing with your horse not only helps you to care for them in a deeper, more rewarding way, Reiki energy also allows you to benefit from your horse’s innate wisdom. Developing a close relationship with your equine friends through Reiki can enrich your life in countless, profound ways.

Equine Reiki Courses

At Four Winds Reiki, we offer Equine Reiki courses for personal and professional development—each has been tailored to suit your needs and aspirations. Our courses provide traditional Japanese training for humans, combined with Equine Reiki training as it relates to each of the three levels of Reiki. Four Winds Reiki is committed to offering you a unique transformational healing journey that will deepen and enrich your relationship with your horses. To find out if Four Winds Reiki courses are right for you and your horses, please feel free to explore the information on our website to learn more about Reiki and how it can benefit you and your horse.

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