When people use the term Equine Reiki they are usually talking about using Reiki as a healing technique to heal horses. But to me, Equine Reiki is about much more than just using Reiki to heal horses. It’s about a journey of mutual healing and personal transformation. It’s about connecting deeply with life. It’s about living in a noisy, crowded world but still being able to find stillness within. It’s about expanding your intuitive awareness, trusting your soul’s wisdom, and feeling that you are living in harmony with your life’s purpose.

This is the gift that Reiki gives us. And, amazingly, when we bring our Reiki practice to the world of horses, our horses link in with that flow of centred energy and give back so much. It is truly magical—when we begin to practice Reiki with horses we connect deeply with our horse, tap into the horse’s wisdom, and get in tune with them on an energetic level. We can learn so much from our horses. Connecting with them energetically brings us into clearer communication, gives us a better understanding of our horse, and deepens our loving relationship.

Horses often come into our lives to guide and heal us. Tuning into their extraordinary healing capacity while reawakening our own is a life-changing experience that can deepen our compassion for ourselves and others. Sharing Reiki with horses strengthens our human-animal bond, it enriches our interaction with our horses, and it enhances our lives and the lives of our cherished equine friends.

But Equine Reiki is not just about creating a connection with our horse or learning how to heal a horse. Equine Reiki is about remembering. It’s about remembering that we are already connected—not only to horses but to all beings—and that we are already have the capacity to heal. It’s about reconnecting with the part of us that remembers, awakening spirit, and living in harmony with nature in mindfulness and in joy.

Equine Reiki is also about embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly of our human nature. It’s about healing the wounds of the past, letting go of our old stories, making better choices, discarding the things that no longer serve us, and moving forward into a bright future. It’s about using the valuable insights available to us through this work to create the life we came here to live, right now!

When we become practitioners of Reiki, we learn to accept that life is never going to be easy. We learn that what’s important in life is being connected deeply with our purpose, expanding our vision, and having the courage to be who we came here to be. Reiki is a journey of self-awareness and healing, in which we discover the truth of our own divinity, and we learn to live life filled with passion and joy. It’s about feeling inspired, creative, and empowered and experiencing the miracle of life, every day.

So, Equine Reiki really isn’t just about healing horses. It’s about connecting so deeply with your beloved animal, and opening so fully to your own divine power that you tap into the oneness of spirit that unites us all. It’s about finding your way ‘home.’

That’s what this work means to me.

What will it mean for you?

Julie Abrahams is a spiritual guidance coach, Reiki teacher, holistic horsewoman and founder of Four Winds Reiki. She is passionate about helping women flourish in life and business. Through her unique range of courses and retreats, including her signature program Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart ™ Julie helps women create a happier, healthier life that they love, in harmony with horses